How much does Junior Assembly Cotillion cost?

Cotillion tuition is $290 for 6th grade and $270 for 7th, 8th and 9th graders. A deposit of $150 is due at the time of registration (and by the given deadline) and is non-refundable after May 1st.

Where is it held?

We have two locations. Some groups meet at The Woman’s Club located downtown at 211 East Franklin St. The majority of our groups meet in the far west end at the Fox Hall Clubhouse located at 13550 Causeway Drive. All groups have their Holly Ball and Cupid’s Ball at The Woman’s Club. Click here for more specific driving directions.

Where do I park?

There is a small parking lot adjacent to the Woman’s Club, one across the street as well as ample street parking. There is a large parking lot at Fox Hall. A policeman is on hand to assist at both locations.

Do I need to get in a carpool?

We highly recommend having a cotillion carpool; however, it is certainly optional.  Being in a carpool not only helps our students feel more comfortable coming in a group, but also helps reduce traffic congestion.

We do not organize carpools. You would need to contact someone you know who lives nearby or attends your school, as our cotillion groups are organized by schools.  Should you need help, we are happy to provide a list of students attending from your child’s school.

What do students wear?

Check out our Pinterest boards and Facebook page to see what ladies and gentlemen typically wear to dances.

What do ladies wear?

ALL DANCES: no bare midriffs or skirts/dresses shorter than fingertip length; shoes with backs required

6th and 7th grade girls wear short white gloves to all semi-formal dances. Gloves are optional for the nice casual and casual dances. Gloves are available for purchase through cotillion. 8th and 9th grade girls do not wear gloves.

Semi-formal: short or long party dresses. 6th and 7th: dresses with straps. 8th and 9th: may wear strapless dresses.

Nice casual: appropriate length skirts or pants outfits. NO tennis shoes or leggings allowed.

Casual: jeans are acceptable. NO t-shirts, short skirts or short shorts. Tennis shoes are permitted, but discouraged.

COSTUMES:  individual or group appropriate, danceable costumes are permitted for the Halloween themed dance only.  NO MASKS.

What do gentlemen wear?

ALL DANCES:  shirttails must be tucked in.

Semi-formal: blazer/sports coat/suit, dress shirt, slacks tie and dress shoes.

Nice casual: slacks and collared shirts; NO jeans or tennis shoes.

Casual: jeans are acceptable; NO t-shirts, tennis shoes are permitted, but discouraged.

COSTUMES:  individual or group appropriate, danceable costumes are permitted for the Halloween themed dance only.  NO MASKS.

What does the theme for a particular dance mean?

Themes are generally intended for music purposes at our dances. However, students are welcome to add themed accessories to their attire, should they choose. Individual or group appropriate, danceable costumes are permitted for the Halloween themed dance only.  NO MASKS.

What do parents wear?

We request that parents dress for each dance according to the attire requested for the students.

What about Holly Ball?

Girls provide their own hand-held, small nosegay. Boys wear a boutonniere. No fresh berries please. Check out our Facebook page or Pinterest Boards for a photo gallery of nosegays and boutonnieres to get ideas. All parents are invited to dance with their son or daughter at the end of the Holly Ball and at the end of the Cupid’s Ball.

In the 6th grade, only the parent dancing with his or her child may attend due to fire regulations.

When a parent is not available, an adult friend/relative is welcome to stand in. We also have many junior assistants available to serve as dance partners. A junior assistant is a sophomore, junior or senior in high school who has been through all four years of our dance program and are hired to help us at each of our dances.

As part of our long-standing tradition at Holly Ball, students are asked to earn money to bring as a monetary donation for one of the local Christmas Mother Funds. These monetary contributions enable the Christmas Mother programs to provide new toys, books, clothing and meals to needy families, seniors and disabled adults in our community.

Where do I buy white gloves?

6th and 7th grade girls wear short, white gloves for all semi-formal dances. Gloves are optional for the nice casual and casual dances.  8th and 9th grader girls do not wear white gloves. As a convenience to our cotillion families, we sell them and offer several opportunities to purchase gloves. If you have a child who is registered, you will receive an email in advance of all glove sale dates. If you are still in need of gloves and are unable to make any of our glove sale dates, please email

Who is allowed to observe?

All parents are welcome to observe the majority of the dances. The only time parent attendance is restricted to one parent is at the Holly Ball and Cupid’s Ball (6th grade only). Attire for those observing should be in accordance with attire requested of students that night. Students may not invite friends who are not cotillion members. Please do not allow your child to bring gum to cotillion. Please do not bring younger siblings to cotillion.

Where do I go if my child is missing something he or she brought to cotillion?

There is a lost and found box in the hall at cotillion. Please check the box for missing items. Please label all coats, sweaters, purses, etc. with the child’s name. Unclaimed items will be donated at the end of each cotillion season.

How do I find out about weather cancellations?

We do not automatically cancel events when schools are closed. Cancellations will be announced on our website, via email and on our Facebook page after 12 noon. Please notify your carpools.

What happens if a dance is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances?

The safety of our students and families is our first priority. If a dance has to be cancelled due to weather or circumstances out of our control, we will make every effort to reschedule the dance(s). However, there are several factors that play into the ability to do so like the availability of our venues. If we are unable to make up a previously scheduled dance, no refunds will be given for the missed dance(s).

How do I enroll my child in cotillion?

We reach families through parent representatives within elementary schools but not from within the school administration itself. We start this process in the fall of a child’s 5th grade year for 6th grade cotillion. The parent representative helps us gather interest among 5th grade students at their school. Invitations to the informational meeting in January for interested 5th grade parents are derived from these interested families or by individual request if space allows. We pride ourselves in having an equal ratio of boys and girls in each of our groups in order for everyone to have a dance partner. If you are interested in involving your child or a group of students from your child’s school or sports team with Junior Assembly Cotillion, please contact us at

For 7th, 8th and 9th grades, we give priority to currently registered students. An email will be sent to all currently registered students in February of each season regarding re-registration for the next season. If you have an older student who is not currently enrolled in cotillion, please contact Katherine Byer at to inquire about placement.

Who do I contact with further questions?

For all grades, please contact