"Where Manners Still Matter"

Miss Cleiland Donnan

Susan Norton & Jackie Davidson

Liz Stanko

Katherine Byer

We owe a debt of gratitude to Junior Assembly Cotillion’s earliest founders and sustainers over the decades including:

1920-1936: Mrs. R. Turner Arrington and Miss Idear Steele Traylor

During this time, cotillion was called The Junior German.

1936-1944: Mrs. Edloe Donnan

During this time, cotillion was called the Junior Cotillion and then renamed The Junior Assembly.

1944-1984: Miss Janet Cleiland Donnan

First called The Junior Assembly, it was informally known to most as Miss Donnan’s Cotillion. More than 10,000 students were taught under Miss Donnan’s leadership.

1984-2008: Mrs. Jackie Davidson and Mrs. Susan Norton

During this time, cotillion was again renamed to Junior Assembly Cotillion to reflect both the organization’s history and purpose. This also was a pivotal time as Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Norton worked together to quadruple the size of cotillion and added a Far West End location to compliment the existing downtown Richmond location. Their leadership, wisdom and passion for cotillion shaped the cotillion that our students and families currently experience.

2008-present: Mrs. Katherine Byer and Mrs. Liz Stanko

Today, sisters Mrs. Byer and Mrs. Stanko enjoy every aspect of Junior Assembly Cotillion and are excited to share their family business with so many Richmond families. Prior owners and directors Mrs. Norton (mother of Byer and Stanko, retired in 2012) and Mrs. Davidson (retired in 2008) are both still very involved with Junior Assembly Cotillion and enjoy helping on Friday or Saturday nights. They’re still looking for good eye contact, firm handshakes and lots of smiles from the boys and girls.


“I went to Junior Assembly Cotillion sixth through ninth grades and then worked as a Junior Assistant for three years. I am excited to pass along this experience to my son. Thanks so much for all the effort that goes into keeping a Richmond tradition alive and well.”

– Frank Moore